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Problem getting WinToUSB to boot - jziggy101 - 04-22-2014

I have a spare SSD (64gig) that I am trying to use WinToUSB on. I have tried creating a 110mb partition formated either NTFS or Fat32 and the rest of the drive as the boot partition formated at ntfs. I am using a Windows 8.1 Enterprise ISO as the source. Each time I run the WinToUSB utility it writes to the selected partitions but when I try to boot off that ssd drive I get an error telling me that there is no boot partition and it fails.

You docs do not mention creating the necessary partitions and I using the ssd that was formatted as one partition. I thought maybe your utility would partition the drive for me but apparently not.

Should I try a different win8.1 version? Pro instead of Enterprise? x86 instead of x64?

RE: Problem getting WinToUSB to boot - admin - 04-22-2014

After installation is complete, please set the system partition as active partition. How to mark partition as active:

Before you can boot from a USB driver, you need to make sure that the USB drive is set as the primary boot device.