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Several attempts do not boot - thc420 - 12-25-2014

I am trying to make a Windows 8.1 x86 portable install with your software.

The best result I can get is a spinning circle with the windows logo.

I have used multiple different installation sources.

The hardware I am using is a PNY USB3.0 64GB stick.

Not sure what the issue is.

I have been trying with 2.0 beta...I am trying 1.6 official now.

RE: Several attempts do not boot - admin - 12-26-2014

I highly recommend using a certified usb flash drive or USB hard drive to install windows. I don't recommend using usb flash drives to install windows, because the common flash drives are always slow, Windows may not running smoothly. I have been trying to fix it, but without success. I hope I can fix it in the next version.