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Full Version: Can I eventually erase windows and have a clean hard drive?
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Is it possible to reverse this process and is it easy? Would I just plug in the hard drive while windows is running from my desktop and format the drive with the windows tool? Thanks
Yes, you are right. Just format it using Windows tool.
(06-19-2014, 12:03 AM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, you are right. Just format it using Windows tool.

Is it possible to directly delete from external harddisk?
I found that I cannot do the same within windows as most of the files are system files.
Is it wise to delete files by booting from Linux?
I do not want to format my external drive because it has large amount of data (800 GB), and I do not have spare hard drive to make its backup.
Yes, you can directly delete the partition form external harddisk.