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Full Version: Failed to run system api
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Trying to encrypy disc C with Windows 11 Home
when saving Recovery Key - I am getting message that Pre-OS restart is needed to continue
When I click NEXT button, PC restarts and then I am getting messageĀ 
Failed to run system api 0x03E6001501510000
BitLocker version 8.7
adding log file
According to your description the error seems to occur in Pre-OS, please follow the steps below to copy the log file under Pre-OS WinPE to you local disk and then send it to us.
1. Waiting for the error message appears
2. Open the save log file dialog ("[Image: attachment.php?aid=337]" > "Save logs")
3. Save the log file to one of your local disk
4. Reboot the computer, then send the log file to us.
same problem here... please check out my post