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Full Version: Unable to delete boot option
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Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to remove my Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader from my UEFI boot option. I've tried using EasyUEFI to remove the 2 ubuntu boot options, but I only managed to remove one of it. I keep trying to delete the other ubuntu option as shown in EasyUEFI, and it allows me to delete. However, after I restart my laptop, the same ubuntu boot option still remains in my UEFI...I've tried doing this process for a few times but I still can't seem to delete it. Can someone please advise me on this?

Below are the details of my boot option:
GPT partition GUID:{82764F10-62A6-41AC-9574-432708513E65}
Partition number:1
Partition starting sector:2048
Partition ending sector:616447
File path:EFI\Ubuntu\grubx64.efi

If there does not exist a UEFI boot option for the native operating system, some UEFI BIOS will automatically create a UEFI boot option for it. Is your native operating system a linux OS?
Please help us to do a test:
First, use EasyUEFI to remove the boot option, then restart the computer and enter the BIOS.
Is the boot option list here?