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Full Version: System Api Error
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Hello dear support team,

I tried installing various windows OS with various versions of the program on a sandisk 32 GB USB device.
However it always errors out with the well known system api error. For specifics, I put the user.log in the attachment.

I hope you can fix this issue for me (:

Best regards
WinToUSB need to change the registry key, maybe the registry protection of your anti-virus software is being enabled and the anti-virus software might think change the registry key is a dangerous operation. Please temporarily deactivate your anti-virus software and try again.

By the way, VHD-based/VHDX-based Windows To Go has best compatibility when using non-certified drives to create Windows To Go workspace. And Windows Vista doesn't support VHD, so you can't create a VHD-based Windows To Go on Windows Vista. We recommend that you create the Windows To Go Workspace on a Windows 7 or later Windows OS, then you can create a VHD-based Windows To Go.