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Full Version: WintoUSB ejects when windows is "sleeping"
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So right now I use WintoUSB to use my laptop that has a broken HDD and everything is going really well! (It's an ASUS N550JK-DS71T, by the way) But the one, most aggravating issue is that whenever the computer is put to sleep, Windows ejects all flash drives including WintoUSB, essentially shutting down Windows by doing so. (And this gets really troublesome as I move between some classes).

So I came here to ask, does anybody know a way I can stop Windows from ejecting flashdrives when it sleeps? (Windows Settings? BIOS Settings?) Thanx.
(08-22-2016, 10:33 PM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]This link may be useful:

This didn't seem to help Sad