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Full Version: Does not Boot
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ok heres the problem I have used wintousb to install windows 7 64 bit on a PNY 128gb USB 3.0 flash drive. the program does the install fine, very slowly but fine. I have tried using both an ISO and my install disc the problems is the drive wont boot every time I try I get the "Disk read error Press cntl-alt-del" I have formatted the drive to be bootable but every time I use the program it insists on reformatting the drive again and I think its wiping out the boot sector so my basic question is what the heck is going on here? and how do I fix this problem? I just bought this drive specifically for this purpose so I don't want to waste $50.00 so could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here.....
Did you test the drive using FakeFlashTest first?
You can examine the boot sector (0) and the Partition sector (P1) using RMPrepUSB - Drive Info.
Check the partition is Active=Bootable

e.g. Drive Info - 0
Partition 1 SIZE=30567.966MiB Type: 07 NTFS *ACTIVE*
START POS = CYL:0 HD:32 SEC:33 END POS = CYL:1023 HD:254 SEC:63
START (LBA) = 2,048 (00000800) SIZE (LBA) = 62,603,194 (03BB3FBA) [End=62,605,241]