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Full Version: bitlocker features:
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Save and restore window position??? is this trying to save all my programs windows or just the software itself??

Unlocking 2nd drive (D:)  every time the pc restarts (NOT at boot up, i actually like that option more security) i have to enter file explorer to "unlock" said drive 
meanwhile the system drive (C:) is always unlocked upon restart, is there a feature to keep BOTH drives unlocked every time the pc is done booting??

\////\ i only ask because every time i restart my pc or just shutting it off for the night, i wake up to turn on my pc and on my home screen all my program icons which are on my (D:) drive  are white pages and non recoverable unless a entire system reset AGAIN to refresh icon data just to have to unlock the drive again etc. etc. if you know what i mean.
Please double-click the D: drive, click "More options" in the pop-up dialog box and check the "Automatically unlock on this PC" check box, and then enter the password to unlock the drive.