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RE: Bitlocked "Windows 8 To Go" failed - admin - 05-11-2016

(05-11-2016, 10:40 PM)Hatan Wrote: Bingo! Deaktivating Hyper-V did it. I can now successfully boot into Win8ToGo. (proof it: see attachments)

But how can I be certain now, that upgrading to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 will work, because inside Virtualbox Windows 8 To Go is still being recognized as USB-installation and therefor stopps the upgrading process later on ... ?

The upgrade feature is not available in the free version of Windows To Go Upgrader, so this is a limitation of the free version.

RE: Bitlocked "Windows 8 To Go" failed - Hatan - 05-11-2016

What I meant to ask is if I can be 100% certain that spending ca.35 Euro will allow me to do the upgarding, without any other issues?
By the way: is Windows activation lost during this type of upgrading process? 

RE: Bitlocked "Windows 8 To Go" failed - admin - 05-12-2016

Sorry, Windows To Go Upgrader is only responsible for removing the limitation for upgrading Windows To Go workspace, we can't guarantee anything else, such as activate Windows.

RE: Bitlocked "Windows 8 To Go" failed - webstha77 - 07-13-2016

Thanks I got my solution.

RE: Bitlocked "Windows 8 To Go" failed - admin - 08-31-2017

Hello everyone, Windows To Go Upgrader supports directly upgrading Windows To Go drive which has been encrypted with BitLocker Drive Encryption now.