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same error whenever i try: Copy Not Genuine
tried several USB sticks and 3 different laptops (all WIN7 64 prof), clone
process runs fine till very end (though very very slow, on USB2.0 port).

but when i try to use the stick for booting (same original laptop or one
of the other ones), i get a black-only screen with an error mssg ''This
Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine''
(or the german version '' Die Echtheit
dieser Windows-Kopie wurde nicht bestätigt

in all cases, the original is certainly MS-certified, in two cases the actual
version sold with the laptop. checked and doublechecked.

would appreciate your or users opinion on this, and any workarounds

greets - henry
You should know that USB 2.0 is very slow, so we don't recommend creating Windows To Go with USB 2.0 devices or start Windows To Go via a USB 2.0 port.

Windows 7 product key is bind to the computer's hardware (includes boot disk), Windows will become inactive when the hardware changes. Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has modified the activation method of Windows. As long as you have activated the specific edition of Windows 10 on a particular computer, since then running the specific edition of Widnows 10 on this computer will be automatically activated and you can skip the step of entering a license when reinstalling Windows. That's why we recommend creating Windows To Go using Windows 10.

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