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USB 3.0 on Win7 installed on external HDD with WinToUsb?
Due to office policy and protected software, I am successfully using the "system installed on external HDD" solution for more than 5 years. With Xp and Win7. But the installation was always a very tricky and complicated part, with lots of steps, a lot of time spent searching the web and different settings. Some additional advanced skills were required, not for everybody.
I have found your software recently. It worked for me with no problems. Helped me a lot. Really great job! Very nice and simple tool you have created. Thank you!

Last time I installed Win 7 Ultimate, using WinToUsb, some days ago. Easy and no problems.
But I got stuck since then in the idea of trying to install USB 3.0 support for my new system.
Before, in my previous installations, not using wintousb, I still didn't have that, it was on USB 2.0. It is ok, working. For the programs didn't feel any difference compared to a normal installation. But for the file handling, USB 3.0 can change a lot the speed.

So, as you said, Win7 is not offering support for USB 3.0. I've digged some time on the internet and found out that you can find USB3.0 drivers for win 7 and you can install them separately.
Unfortunately, there seem to be a bug in this and when you install them, before and during installation, you have to disconnect all the USB devices connected. Which is not possible running the system on a USB HDD. Logically Smile Otherwise you will get a nice blue screen on the next boot, after installation of USB 3.0 drivers and the system must be restored to fix it.

I am thinking that a possible solution would be installing Win 7 on the internal drive and then adding the USB 3.0 drivers and then using your very new added feature "Clone current system to an USB drive". What do you think?
Since I already installed Win7, with everything, including a lot of big softwares, which took a lot of time, another possible solution in my case, it would be to clone the already installed USB HDD to an internal HDD (here I am not sure that it will work smoothly and that the win7 installation will still work), then install the USB3.0 drivers on the internal HDD and then clone back the HDD to external, or use your new added tool for that. What do you say?

Thanks in advance for your reply, and thank you again anyway for the great job with this software Smile
Win72GO Support for USB 3.0 is a good ideal. I don't know whether it can work, may be you can have a try .
I did try it:
I installed a new clean windows7 on the internal HDD, normal like a classical internal operating system.
The feature "Clone current system to an USB drive" fom the new version 2.0 of WinToUsb is working fine. I had no problem transferring the operating system to an external HDD.
It worked with no problems with the Win7 without USB3.0 installed.
But when I did the same and transferred the Win7 with USB3.0 installed, I had the same problem as before. Blue screen when trying to boot the new system from the external HDD.
For the moment I am done with installing anything. I gave up. Usb2.0 is still ok for the moment. Sad
Waiting and hoping for the bright future, with new USB3.0 drivers from INTEL.
Thank you WinToUsb team. Great job.

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