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Can't select destination partition
Trying to install Windows 8.1 on a USB 3 SSD external drive. When I get to the destination, WinToUSB sees the drive and I select it. It shows 2 partitions- 1 small and the other about 110GB. But I can't actually select them and the Next button is greyed out. Any idea what the problem is?

I should add that I was doing this on a Parallels VM on a Mac, also running Windows 8.1 But I don't think that should matter since everything is there. My intent is to make a bootable drive so that I can boot the Mac into Windows without taking up precious internal SSD space (I'll install the Bootcamp drivers onto the external drive later).

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Can't select destination partition - mbernhardt - 06-25-2015, 05:43 AM

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