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Windows 8.1 on external hdd uefi bios
I'm using an USB 3 external hdd(solid state drive 128 GB) ntfs GPT format(with DISKPART). The problem is when I running wintousb, the hdd format is always mandatory. I'm wondering if this format change the hard drive to MBR?
I will download a new copy of windows now and keep you updated, Maybe the windows .iso is the problem but is hard to believe(Booting problem)

I'll keep you updated

Or do I need to install a x86 version of windows 8.1? I know UFEI bios(GPT) works with the x64 version...

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RE: Windows 8.1 on external hdd uefi bios - by Lipan.ovidiu - 07-22-2014, 01:46 AM

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