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Why was it uselessly slow from a USB 3 flash drive?
I've tried using WinToUSB on both a 32 GB USB 3 flash drive and a really old 160 GB  mechanical (spinning) drive.

I've tested both, and the flash drive has much faster read/write speeds than the spinning drive. It can do like 130/60 MBps, while the spinning drive is more like 27/27.

Yet, when I tried to install Windows 10 on the flash drive, and booted from it, it was painfully slow. It froze all the time, and was basically useless.

Running from the (8 year old) mechanical drive, it works just fine! It's probably not at optimal speed, but it's just fine for my needs.

I remember getting a warning while installing to the flash drive, saying that it might not work very well on that drive. But why is that? Isn't read/write speed the most important thing? What limitations are there on the USB 3 flash drive that made running Windows from it not work? I mean, it's read/write speeds are so fast!

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Why was it uselessly slow from a USB 3 flash drive? - Fiksdal - 04-11-2016, 01:58 AM

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