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Failed to run System API (Rebuild EFI)
I booted to USB w/EasyUEFI and tried to do the Rebuild of the EFI Partition but after it runs for 10 seconds or so it stops with the "Failed to run system API" (0x0000001500DF0000) error message. Any idea why this is happening?

The reason I'm trying this: I have an Acer Aspire Switch 11 with Windows 10 and 128GB Flash or SSD (not sure which). I made the mistake of splitting the C: drive into 2 partitions. I forgot you can't do that like the old days (pre-Win 8) because of the different boot design. After splitting the C: drive I could no longer boot up to Windows 10 and all the Auto Recovery fixes (Win 10 USB boot thumb drive) as well as numerous Command Prompt fixes to fix the boot problem don't work. I used a Paragon HDM boot disk to merge the C: drive and extra partition back together but I must have jacked the boot system on the EFI and the C: drive. I was hoping this EFI Rebuild might fix my problem. The 100mb EFI partition is still there (to the left of C drive) as well as the 500mb Recovery partition (to the right of C drive). I'm trying to avoid doing a complete Win 10 re-install and I'm not even sure that will fix it.

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Failed to run System API (Rebuild EFI) - by Master Blaster - 04-08-2017, 12:56 PM

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