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About disk optimized tool on WTG...
Hello, Guys,

I built the Windows 10 WTG (Professional Edition) on external SSD (USB3.0 to SATA3) and run it for 2 months, looks everything is good.
But I confused about disk optimized tool recently, because it shows my disk is "hard disk drive" in media type, not the "solid state drive". And looks the OS treats the SSD like a traditional hard disk to do defragmentation.

So I post a thread on other forum and try to know what happened. According the replies, I guess the rough conclusion is: if you build a WTG by the built-in tools of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, you'll see the correct media type "Solid State Drive"; if you built by WinToUSB, you'll see the "Hard Disk Drive" like me. The point is the OS may not do the right things to the SSD drive.

I don't know wether it is a correct thought, so I post here and hope to have some help.

Anyone has any idea?

Thanks a lot for any help!

PS. Sorry, I don't mean WinToUSB is bad, actually it is a very good tools and helps me to finish WTG very easily. I just have a confused problem needs to be figured out. Thanks for the team of WinToUSB!!!

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