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Clone Error "Failed to run system API.(0x0005001500F90000)"
I'm trying to clone my Windows 10 hard drive to my external usb hard drive (both are GPT) .
I have correctly formatted the EFI Partition and NTFS Partition (EFI & Boot).
I have not used sector by sector clone as my Source HDD is 3TB while USB HDD is 1TB.

Every time i tried i just keep getting the same error after it reaches 55%, i tried reformatting the Partitions and still no success.
This error keeps coming up: "Failed to run system API.(0x0005001500F90000)".

Do you know how to fix this problem? I also have images to the screens.
I am using WinToUSB Free too.

[Image: Z5ibfU3.png]
[Image: VUgrg6d.png]
[Image: sKiJ68F.png]
[Image: RxFLqd2.png]


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Clone Error "Failed to run system API.(0x0005001500F90000)" - by SgtBreadStick - 06-01-2018, 02:30 AM

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