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Upgrading Windows 10 build
(06-14-2018, 10:21 PM)oshihari Wrote: Hi everyone:

Recently I used WintoUSB 2.0 beta to install Windows 10 Tech Preview build 9841, the process is pretty smooth.

My question right now is: does the stable 2.0 release support upgrading builds right within the external drive without going through the entire process within WintoUSB again? Like either trick Windows into think my external drive is an HDD, or actually make the external drive emulate the environment of HDD.

I wanted to upgrade to build 9926 because the UI is just too beautiful to ignore. I'm gonna wipe my current install of build 9841 and download the latest version of WintoUSB just to install build 9926.

Currently, if Windows asked to upgrade my build, and I choose it to do so, it will pop up a message saying "Windows Technical Preview cannot be installed in a flash drive."

I'm sorry, upgrading Windows when it is booted from a USB drive is not supported, this is a limitation of Microsoft. Our product Windows To Go Upgrader can help upgrade your Windows To Go drive, but it is not free, for more information please refer to:

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