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WinToUSB drive and Cumulative Updates
(07-17-2019, 11:44 AM)rjolbrich Wrote: Hello,
  I successfully created a Win 10 1809 WinToUSB drive a few months ago.
I'm having problems installing monthly security cumulative updates through
Windows Update. Is it possible to complete such an update? Other monthly
updates complete successfully in Windows Update.

 I've posted on the Microsoft Community without a worthy reply. When faced
with questions on monthly updates, the MVPs almost always recommend a
feature upgrade rather than diagnosing any error code. As you know a
Windows To Go upgrade can't be completed (at least not without your
Upgrader software). I've run through a set of online Microsoft Windows Update
Fix suggestions. None of them succeeded. I always receive a 80070157 error code
from Windows Update. Is anyone an expert error code interpreter?

 I also read Microsoft blocked updates for people with USB drives starting in May.
I still receive the same error code now in July. Before I consider purchasing
your Upgrader software, I would like to know definitively whether monthly
security cumulative updates are possible to complete!

Yes, that is its job. However, please run the check feature to confirm that your device can be upgraded before you make a purchase.

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