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same error whenever i try: Copy Not Genuine
tried several USB sticks and 3 different laptops (all WIN7 64 prof), clone
process runs fine till very end (though very very slow, on USB2.0 port).

but when i try to use the stick for booting (same original laptop or one
of the other ones), i get a black-only screen with an error mssg ''This
Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine''
(or the german version '' Die Echtheit
dieser Windows-Kopie wurde nicht bestätigt

in all cases, the original is certainly MS-certified, in two cases the actual
version sold with the laptop. checked and doublechecked.

would appreciate your or users opinion on this, and any workarounds

greets - henry

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same error whenever i try: Copy Not Genuine - by henry66 - 09-23-2019, 01:35 AM

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