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PC can't sleep when OS installed on USB SSD
My pc used to go into sleep mode before i installed it on external drive.

Now, i' ve just installed windows 10 on protable ssd drive, and since then "Sleep" is shutting down pc.
the option "sleep" is visible but it's actually shutting down the pc.

BTW: when i restart my pc through the internal drive (m.2 drive which is on motherboard) sleep mode is possible.
both win versions are 20H2

Is there anyway to put pc on sleep mode while windows is running on usb ssd?

i followed this guide ( and choose "Disable" checkbox in step 4.
i also downloaded and installed the reg file on this post:

none of them helps.
any clue? Confused

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PC can't sleep when OS installed on USB SSD - by shadtal - 03-22-2021, 07:23 AM

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