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Boot to an external hard drive
That Backupper is just plain finicky! It only works for me by assigning a task name and pointing it to the first directory level of my NAS, where it puts a file by the task name in a folder of the same name. Trying to modify what it does only prevents it from working. Yesterday after Windows 8.1 updates I didn't notice the computer clock was off by 2 time zones? The time zone had been set to Pacific (Seattle), which was 2 hours different than the router driving the NAS. And it wouldn't write a file from that computer? After finally noticing and setting the correct time zone on the computer it then worked fine again. You figure it out. I've only copied the WinToUSB installation while not running, just a disk copy, but it copies the running system disk fine, just slightly slower.


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Boot to an external hard drive - karlos - 03-10-2015, 06:00 AM
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