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(01-25-2023, 03:59 AM)The Swede Wrote: To maximize your efforts of getting speedier restores, besides using more cores, i suggest doing it more automatic. For instance, after starting a restore the program wants user input about booting into recovery mode/boot menu, that is redundant in a majority of restore situations for all users, you would not have started the restore otherwise. An option to tick a box with the text "Do not ask again" would be appropriate, or an item in settings where to inactivate the input, instead just start the restore. Or maybe a 5sec countdown with the option to abort before it automaticly commence the restore. Secondly, when the restore is done, user input should not be needed instead it should just restart automaticly as, again, is the intent of users in a majority of restores. That input could be solved by the above mentioned countdown solution or by visible boxes to tick during the restore in the restore frame. Like the box that is visible there now that says - Shut down. And of course, then, a box to tick that says - Do not ask again.

Or maybe all these options could be in the - Settings. Anyway, now you have some idèas to think about, develop.

The result of the suggestions would be automated restores that would be very conveniant for the user and even more speedier. Restores that the user can start and then go away, without the need to monitor it, be there, while the restore is accomplished but at the same time has options for thoose who wants it, or when needed. As mentioned, monitor a restore with input is not requested in most restore situations, you just want to get it done.

I can guarantee you that you will get a VERY popular software if this simplification of usage would be implemented and, you will have the upper hand among many of your competitors.

Thank you for your suggestion and we will improve it in future releases.

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