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Startup error 0xc000000e after wipe and restore
(01-31-2023, 12:03 AM)Keith Weisshar Wrote: Why do I get a startup error 0xc000000e which indicates a required device isn't connected or can't be accessed if I create a full disk backup image from the emergency disk and then wipe the entire drive and then restore the full disk backup back to the same drive.  Does the disk signature or GUID change if the drive is wiped and then restored?  System backup can only be done from within Windows and cannot be done from emergency disk.  What's the difference between system backup and full disk backup?  This issue doesn't occur if I do a full backup and restore using Macrium Reflect rescue disk.

Sorry for the late reply, the error code you provided does not seem to be a correct Hasleo Backup Suite error code. We'll try to reproduce the issue and tell you the results as soon as possible. The system backup feature only backs up Windows OS related partitions, the current version does not have the ability to properly identify Windows OS related partitions in the WinPE environment, so it is not possible to perform system backup, and we will improve it in future releases.

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