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Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups
Much like the post here:
which unfortunately does not appear to be responded to, I wanted to create a Grandfather, Father, Son backup scheme.

However, I started with trying Father Son first.

For clarity, Grandfather, Father, Son backs are something like this:
   1 full back up monthly
   differential backups weekly
   incremental backups daily

What I tried to start with was:
   1 full backup weekly
   incremental backups daily

What I got however was:
   1 full backup on day 1 (as expected)
   1 incremental backup, slightly larger than the prior days full backup, on day 2 (not as expected)

Of note, I did this with two schedules, one for the full backup weekly on Sundays, and one for the daily backups on (Monday - Saturday)

Also, the two schedules result in backups going to separate sub-directories, as I can't seem to specify the same directory for both in the settings.

A solution might be to do a post backup move, but it appears that is what @Dinar did in the post referenced above, but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated

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Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups - by RobLatour - 04-08-2023, 11:29 PM

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