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Check Image
When check image is in progress, under main window - actions, hide warnings box is checked by default. At the end of the check I uncheck hide warnings box i start check image again and hide warnings box is checked again. What is the purpose of hide warnings box checked by default.
Hasleo Backup Suite now uses both image deletion and image merge methods to implement image retention policy to improve efficiency. After an image is deleted, a warning that the image has been deleted will be prompted when performing the operation of checking the backup image. If a large number of image files are deleted there will be a large number of warning messages, which may occur after running a backup task with an image retention policy configured for a long period of time.

The Hide warnings checkbox can be unchecked at any time, even while checking images, and the program will display all warning messages immediately after unchecking it.
I'm a bit confused about the 'Hide warnings' checkbox. It seems like it's checked by default, but then you say that you can uncheck it at any time . So, what's the point of having it checked by default? Why not just have it unchecked by default and let the user decide whether or not they want to see the warnings?here
There is no particular reason for this. However performing an image check on a task that has a backup retention policy configured and has been running for a long time may result in a large number of warnings, which is why the developer checked it by default.

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