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Missing a feature called File Clone ...
Hello Hasleo Admin Team,

we know this doesn't really fit into a product like Disk Clone and maybe another product or a product rename would be necessary, but has Hasleo ever considered to integrate a File Clone feature (just like the File Backup feature in Hasleo Backup Suite)?

What is the background? Well, we would like to clone files from one drive to another drive directly, without having to first backup the files into a File Backup image and then having to restore data from it again, instead why not having a File Clone feature, which offers to clone files from one source to another target directly? Yes, that would be some kind of Robocopy replacement!

Maybe Hasleo Clone Suite would be a perfect name for a product to clone disks or clone files directly to another target?

Just a thought.

Thank you very much for the suggestion and we will seriously consider it.
Hello Hasleo Admin Team,

that sounds really good. We remember that this kind of feature (cloning files of a partition from one source to another target directly) once was part of the product Symantec or Veritas Backup Exec (or still is) and it really made life easier.

Having the possibility to clone files from any directory or subdirectory to another directory or subdirectory with or without NTFS or ReFs permissions sometimes is crucial.

Thank you for considering our suggestion and we are always looking forward to the next versions of your products.
Hi, I just wanted to thank Marcy for the suggestion.
As someone who frequently needs to transfer files directly between drives, a feature like this would be incredibly valuable.
Thanks for considering Smile.
It looks like Hasleo Disc Clone is dead now!
It's not dead, it's not updated because we haven't received any quality issues reported by users.
Maybe add the missing feature, I mentioned in this thread! I am sure you will receive some quality reponses afterwards Wink
I have a question, what is the difference between the “file cloning” you are talking about here and regular file copying?
File Cloning is more like syncing source and target, whereas File Copying is copying data from source to target with possible different target directories.

And what makes it even more annoying, when Hasleo Backup Suite decides to create another directory, where files are placed within, instead of just copying all stuff where the user decides to place them.

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