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Disk Disappears
I have created the Fat32 and NTFS partions on my Visiontek SSD Thumb drive and then ran WinToUSB and the install completed. Once this was done I tried to boot using the drive and it didn't show as a bootable option. I then booted back into windows and cannot find the drive in Disk Management. The drive is detected (shows in safely remove devices) but I can't access the partitions. If I do Rescan Disks the system just hangs. I then tried accessing the drive using a gparted live cd but it won't let me change the partitions or format at all. It appears to have killed the drive.

This is the second drive that this has happened to, any ideas on a fix?

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Disk Disappears - by spyke01 - 01-05-2016, 09:13 AM
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