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"The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in"
*** UPDATE ***

I got it working!!!
Short: The problem is a protected Users Directory (why this happens, I don't know)

At first, i mounted the VHDX-File from the Stick on my Laptop and found out, that there is no possibility to create files or folders within the Users Directory.
Maybe this is also the problem for the profile service when booting from stick.
For testing I deleted the Users Directory with Admin Privileges and created a new one.

Then (yesterday I've created a "Windows to go" on my SSD with the original Microsoft Tools) copied the Users Directory from my SSD to the Users Directory on the Stick
(robocopy /mir /sec /xj)

And now, everything seems to work. Stick is booting and I can login.

So, the main question is, why is the Users Directory Protected??? Somethings wrong with the creation Tool (win2usb)?????


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