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Basic Questions on Installing Windows 7
(05-28-2016, 07:25 PM)Tsundere-chan Wrote: Windows disk management wouldn't let me create a second partition for some reason (Create simple volume was greyed out). The usb drive was 32gb. So I tried used EaseUS Partition Master and was able to do the partition scheme that you said (both are primary partitions). However WinToUsb insists on formatting the usb and creates only 1 NTFS partition on the usb. What do you think is going on?

First of all, your computer is a UEFI-based computer, so the Windows To Go drive which you want to boot on it must be a UEFI-based Windows To Go drive.

Secondly, on a usb flash drive, Windows will recognize only the first partition. This means that even if you create a multi-partitioned usb flash drive, Windows will not mount the other volumes or assign drive letters to them, in fact that Windows completely unable to access these partitions.

Finally, We all know that installing Windows in UEFI mode requires 2 partitions, one for EFI system partition, the other one for Windows boot partition. But there can only be one partition on a USB flash drive in the Windows operating.

For the reasons mentioned above, WinToUSB does not support creating a UEFI-based Windows To Go drive using a USB flash drive yet, so the WinToUSB USB flash drive can't boot in UEFI mode. And most modern UEFI computers support booting in both BIOS mode and in EFI mode, so maybe you can boot it in BIOS mde if your computer supports BIOS mode.

At present there are two possible solutions for you:
1. We recommend that you use an external hard drive or a Windows To Go Certified Drives to create a UEFI-based Windows To Go drive, then you can boot it from a UEFI-based computer.
2. The "Physical To USB" can create a USB flash drive which can boot on a UEFI-based computer, maybe you can have a try.

By the way, we have found a way to install Windows to a USB flash drive as a Windows To Go drive, and we will improve it in future releases.

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