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Error Intalling Windows 10 on GPT Hard drive
(08-10-2017, 10:32 AM)mrtonn Wrote: Hi,
I'm using Windows7(x64) right now and want to install Windows10(x64) on my second hardisk (using GPT partition), but it shown error " Disk type cannot be identified. (0x03E6003800850000)".  I tried to change my hardisk type to MBR and the installation is begin.
my question is why i cant install it on hardisk with GPT partition? is it possible to install it on GPT partition while using Windows7?

When I intall it on MBR hardisk, I've been waiting for a while but it only displays 0%, how long does it take to install it?

Sorry for my late response and thank you for you interest in our product(s). 

I'm sorry, WinToHDD does not allow us to install Windows operating system to a GPT disk on a traditional BIOS computer, because the BIOS based computer cannot boot from a GPT disk. It's not very reasonable and we will improve it in the future release.

About the problem of stuck at 0%, this is usually caused by an anti-virus software, so please temporarily deactivate your anti-virus software or add our EasyUEFI to the list of allowed applications (may be called Trusted Applications/Whitelisted applications) of your anti-virus software and try again. And please make sure you are using the administrator account to run WinToHDD.


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