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Windows 8 has no drivers installed after installing to USB stick?
I've tried twice now to install a legit disc of Windows 8 to USB. I'm having a few problems:

1) It's slow and laggy. I think this is because it's a cheap USB stick. I'll try one of the SanDisk Go/Pro sticks instead next.

2) This is the big one - Windows is installing strangely with no drivers for any of my basic hardware (eg. Asus mobile, etc) so half my hard drives don't show up and my system is pretty crippled. This has been the case with two tries now. I have been able to install networking manually from my mobile drivers. When I tried installing the whole pack of mono drivers from the disc it gave me a BSOD so I'm wary to do that again.

Is this normal? I've never seen a windows installation that does this. If I go in Device Manager I have around 20 "Base System Device" entries. If I try to update drivers for these entries by searching the windows cd it says nothing found. It just searches seemingly endlessly if I let it try updating them from the internet.

Why might this be happening?

3) I am wondering once I get it up and running - will I be able to use Windows update to update it just like any other installation? Or might updating Windows risk "breaking" the portable installation?


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Windows 8 has no drivers installed after installing to USB stick? - by USBstick - 09-10-2018, 12:22 PM

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