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Bootable Windows clone with resored C Partition
I have made several backup devices with WinToUSB that can run the full Windows installation of their PCs. But I had no success so far with the notebook of my wife. As the second best solution I made an clean installation of 1809 with WTU 4.6 to an external SSD which can boot the notebook wihout any Problems. And in this fresh Windows I then start a backup of the Notebook in VHD Format from VMware Player 15. It works but is a little bit too much for my wife.
As I have bought only one License for WinToUSB Pro so far, I would like to know whether I can get a running Windows installation clone. For instance by replacing the Windows Partition that WTU installs on the external device with a backup from a backup and restore Programm or a partition copy with software for that. My first attempt with EaseUS Todo did not produce a bootable device.
Is there a way to get this running?
I'm sorry, you should use WinToUSB to clone Windows partition to the USB drive, Windows partition cloned using other cloning software may not start correctly.

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