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Lost OneDrive files using WinToUSB Clone disks? - A SOLUTION!
Gulp. I just had another thought, which would be much worse. If OneDrive were to generate a unique registry entry for each file that it's syncing on the machine, then the simple presence of a new file (on a volume which it thinks is the same), without its corresponding registry entry, could cause a deletion.  Let's hope that this isn't the actual case!

EDIT: On the other hand, this might not be so bad after all.  Once again, if OneDrive thinks it's a different machine, then its standard logic of saving files which are newly created will apply (since files are normally added on a different physical machine). Changing that GUID, if it exists, might just work in either scenario.

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RE: Lost OneDrive files using WinToUSB Clone disks? - by MJFlash - 08-21-2019, 09:14 AM
Do keep this in mind! - by MJFlash - 08-23-2019, 07:21 AM

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