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Differences with install choices
I bought the professional version of WintoUSB and created a USB that runs Windows 10 using a Windows 10 ISO. It works great. What i would like to know is some information on the options. I tried three different Sandisk USBs and all were successful; an Ultra 3.0 256GB (100MBps), an Extreme Go 3.1 SDCZ800 64GB (150MBps) and Extreme Go 3.1 SDCZ880 128GB (380MBps). The all loaded with no issues, however the Sandisk Ultra 3.0 ran much slower and was not really a viable choice. I also settled on using the Extreme Go 3.1 SDCZ880 128GB (380MBps)

I created these with the same default setting of VHD mode, which creates a virtual hard drive. My question what would be the difference if I used legacy or VHDX? My other question is how would I clone the USB I am using so I can save the changes I have made?

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