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Windows Boot Manager hidden
I'm dualbooting Windows and Ubuntu 20.04 on my Nuc, and after installing Ubuntu the Windows boot manager dissappeared from my boot menu.
I can only run it when I run grub first.
On my other PC I have both entries in the boot menu, for Ubuntu and Windows.

So I installed EasyUEFi on my Nuc and it seems that Windows Boot Manager has the Status "Hidden"
Is there a way to unhide it so I can normally use it again without having to go into grub first?
A hidden option usually means that the file or partition pointed to by this option does not exist. Are you sure the file and partition pointed to by this boot option exists? Please check it.
It exists, because I can activate it by moving one option one position up. But then the other option is hidden.
What I mean is.
When I move windows bootloader up, its visable. But then Ubuntu is disabled.
If I move Ubuntu one up, its visable, but then Windows bootloader is disabled.
its like the bios can only show one bootloader at a time.
In the bios itself I only see the item I moved to the first position with EasyUEFI. So I can't really do much there.
Do you mean that when a hidden option is moved to the top, it becomes visible immediately, but other options become hidden immediately? This is very strange, we have never encountered such a situation before. This may be the default behavior of the BIOS.
Yes exactly. it looks like it can only handle 1 bootloader per drive.
Thanks for this post)

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