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Does a license survive a new W2G installation?
Once again my questions from above that are unanswered yet:
1. Is this a one time only license or can it be reinstalled on this specific SSD?
2. Can it be installed once again if i use this SSS for a new W2G installation?
3. Must I buy a new license every time I upgrade my current external SSD to the status my main system meanwhile reached since the last time I ran WinToUSB?

I will never install Bitlocker Anywhere on my computer, I use Microsoft Bitlocker for this purpose. I need Bitlocker anywhere only for external bootable drives.
4. Is the hardware indentification produced only from the main computer (a combination of Mainboard information and hard drive information) or is the info regarding the external drive included?

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RE: Does a license survive a new W2G installation? - by TechnoMax - 09-02-2020, 02:00 AM

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