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Is it possible to Dual boot Windows 8.1 x86 VHD and Windows 8.1 x64 VHD?
I would like to use Windows 8.1 x86 and Windows x64 on the Same USB 
Is it possible to dual boot both operating systems using WinToUSB ?
I am sorry, WinToUSB cannot help you directly install dual boot Windows to the same USB drive, but you can manually configure bual boot Windows on the USB drive if you are familiar with configuring dual boot Windows.
Hmm, How would I go about doing that Since every time Attempt to load a new installation on to a pre-configured partition map, WintoUSB erases it?
If you want to use a custom partition layout, you should select the "Keep the existing partition scheme" option, this option allows you to keep the existing partition structure without format the drive. However, this option is only valid for external drives and not for USB flash drives.

You can copy the VHD file to another location as a backup after creating Windows To Go for the first time. After creating W2G for the second time, copy the previously backed up VHD file to the USB drive, and then perform dual boot configuration.
Oh Ok I under stand Thank you for assisting me with this
I'm glad to help you. Take care and stay healthy! Thanks.
You too my good sir

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