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Can not install on Windows 10 21H1 despite UEFI boot
I have fair understanding of UEFI and I have used the same executable Easy UEFI free version (I guess v 3.2) on earlier Windows 10 OS like 1909 as well as 2004.
However, with Windows 10 21H1 booted in UEFI mode, the same setup errors out stating that the Easy UEFI can only be installed on UEFI based Windows OS.
I wonder if this is a compatibility issue between an older version of Easy UEFI app and 21H1 Windows 10.
Why would the same exe be getting tricked into believing that Windows 10 21H1 is booted in Legacy mode? Any clues?

The software may not work properly after a new version of Windows is released, which is why we keep updating the software. Please try the latest version of EasyUEFI to see if the problem persists. Thanks.
Thanks. I understand that. This issue is not reported by newer versions of the installer as such.

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