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beta feature not working properly?
(01-17-2015, 09:33 AM)SomeGuy1 Wrote: Thank you very much.

I have downloaded "WinToUSB_Setup_2.0_Beta" from the link you have provided.

I will install it, try it, and let you know what my results were.

One thing, the file I downloaded has exactly the same name as the previous Beta... I would recommend a unique file name so that people downloading them do not become confused. I changed the name so I can keep track, but there is the danger of a user using an incorrect version and reporting incorrect behavior of the program to you as a result.


I am currently working on another experiment that may result in some information that is actually useful as opposed to being a headache, I will let you know soon.

Once again, thanks.

before retry, please remove the boot.sdi and boot.wim file located in the bin folder under the installation directory.

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