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Full Version: Boot Usb HDD turn on and turn OFF please help!!!
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Hi for all!!! thanks to be here!!! sorry for my bad english!

I'm testing 5 diferent hdd cases and all have this problem!

When boot win8.1 or win10 the usb hdd turn on.. start read hdd and turn off.. some seconds.. turn on and start windows work ok

my problem is if all time I start or reboot windows at boot spin on and off is not safe for HDD lifetime!

I'm lost one hdd because install in one dvd caddy and all time my notebook start the DVD caddy turn on / off / on my hdd so destroy my harddisk

how to correct this?

please help I want comeback to use win to usb again.
I'm sorry,  I don't quite understand what you are meaning? If you are worried it will damage you HDD, we recommend that you buy a Windows To Go certified drive which has been certified by Microsoft: