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Full Version: Clone -- flash drive not found
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System: Win10 Pro
WinToHDD Pro: 3.8

Using System Clone, after selecting the current system to clone and clicking on Next, in the prompt "Please select the destination disk:", it does not show my flash drive (Sandisk Cruser 256GB). I tried different USB slots and even reformatted the drive, to no avail, even though Windows explorer shows that it is a valid drive. How do I get the program to recognize the drive? Please help!
I am very sorry, as its name suggests, WinToHDD only allows you to install or clone Windows to a HDD (nternal disk or USB external disk), and does not allow you to install or clone Windows to a USB flash drive.If you want to install/clone Windows to a USB flash drive, you should use WinToUSB instead of WinToHDD.