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Full Version: Windows 10 build 9926
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In short, VHD mode has better compatibility but Legacy mode gives better performance.
Hey, I'm new here but I got a problem..

Not sure if I'm supposed to post this here or somewhere else but I get this exact same error and my laptop is now unable to start windows.

I used the official windows update which worked perfect, after that I used the windows 10 option to conpletely reset my laptop and re-install windows 10. It didn't tell me to insert any kind of disk or usb device so I assumed it would work fine.

In other words: I now have a laptop which restarts in a loop cause of the "no boot device found" error and no backup from my windows or anything.

Can anyone help me solve this issue? (I do have a second laptop with windows 10 installed, if required)

Thanks in advance!
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