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Several individuals took part in the Dental Awareness Camp, Dantharogya Mela, composed by the Amrita School of Dentistry on March 25, 2009 at Edapally in the Changampuzha Park, a couple of minutes from the School. Dantharogya in Sanskrit implies soundness of the teeth; the Mela or Camp was considered as a way to disperse learning about normal oral ailments and the significance of oral social insurance.

"This was the first occasion when we composed such an occasion outside our human services grounds," expressed Dr. Chandrasekhar J., HoD, Dept of Public Health Dentistry, who was the occasion facilitator. Understudies and personnel assisted with the sorting out of the camp.

Starting at 2:00 pm, the camp was initiated by noted cine craftsman, Mr. Manikuttan, who was joined by Dr. K. N. Unni, Principal of the Amrita School of Dentistry and Ms. Sneha, Administrator of the School. "Numerous individuals from poorer segments of society can't get the required dental care in our general public," expressed Mr. Manikuttan. "I am cheerful to take note of that Amrita is sorting out this camp, where such a significant number of individuals can profit of free check ups and also take in more." Mr. Manikuttan additionally communicated his significant gratefulness for the models and oral instruction material showed at the camp. "I myself didn't know about the gravity of the a portion of the oral illnesses; I know all the more now," he shared later.

Dantharogya Mela - Amrita School of DentistryIncluded as a major aspect of the camp, was a show about dental care and illnesses. Three segments extensively secured distinctive viewpoints — the first had notices and shows about the typical life structures of the face and the tooth, the oral pit and its nearby structures. The second area itemized infections that influence the oral hole and its nearby structures. The third and last area included shows on the preventive and remedial modalities of treatment of dental and oro-facial illnesses. Ramya, a third year understudy contemplating for her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree at the Amrita School of Dentistry, was one of the volunteers at the camp. "Individuals put forth such huge numbers of inquiries. It was an awesome to have the capacity to clear their questions," she said.

Road Play by Final Year BDS Students at AmritaFinal year BDS understudies authorized a road play that recounted the account of a young man who gets dependent on smoking and is determined to have oral malignancy. The play featured the significance of dental care and general visits to the dental specialist notwithstanding underscoring the evil impacts of smoking tobacco. "This camp gave us a chance to teach the regular man about issues identified with dental care; a considerable lot of these issues are of extraordinary significance in their everyday lives, yet they are ignorant," expressed Joseph, a last year BDS understudy. "The play was valued by the group of onlookers." A free dental checkup was accessible for all who went to. At the point when the camp finished up at 7:30 pm, almost 450 individuals had profited of this administration.
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Dental Camp composed by Amrita School of DentistryExperts from the School additionally gave chats on different parts of oral social insurance. Dr Anil Mathew, HoD, Dept of Prosthodontics, discussed oral medical problems as they identified with the elderly. He talked about choices accessible to supplant missing teeth. Dr Radhika Radhakrishnan, an assistant at the School, depicted regular propensities that youngsters have, that can cause dental issues. She offered tips on the best way to keep up a decent grin. The evil impacts of smoking were featured once more when Dr Alexander from the Dept of Oral Medicine and Radiology talked about various sorts of tobacco and depicted how smoking could cause pre dangerous conditions, prompting oral malignancy.

"It was very astonishing to see the reaction of the overall population," shared Dr. Chandrasekhar later. "We are upbeat that such extensive quantities of individuals partook. They were anxious to find out about oral wellbeing and we were cheerful to give them the required data." "The occasion was a fantastic achievement," gladly expressed Dr. K. N. Unni. "The understudies who took an interest in the camp did as such with incredible energy. I praise our employees for meeting up and stepping up with regards to sort out this occasion. I thank the media cell on our social insurance grounds which broadcasted the occasion that extraordinarily added to its prosperity. Sound teeth for cheerful grins — I am glad that Amrita has possessed the capacity to serve once more in another way."

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