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uefi boot usb windows 8 - desty_aya - 06-05-2015

i m trying to create an uefi boot usb with windows 8.1 with WinToUSB, but i dont understand how the software works, so i hope someone can help me with

i use windows 7 pro x64 with wintousb 2.1 and 2.2, both without luck

im trying to install windows 8.1 pro on an usb stick (uefi bootable)

so i open
- wintousb
- select my windows 8.1 iso
- click next
- select my usb drive 32gb (i assume it will ask me for uefi bootable or bios bootable??? but i didnt)
- wintousb format my usb stick, without asking uefi or bios or both bootable? (do i need to do something about it myself?)
- wintousb installing, but the stick does not work?

i saw this in the manual:
  • Booting UEFI-based computers:┬áCovert the USB drive to GPT partition scheme and create the EFI system partition (ESP) and boot partition. The EFI system partition must be FAT32 format and the boot partition must be NTFS format.

Can someone explain to me why i need to convert and create partition as wintousb will format the usb anyway?

any suggestion and help would be much appreciate

Thanks in advance

RE: uefi boot usb windows 8 - admin - 06-05-2015

WinToUSB will automatically format the usb stick to NTFS, and this type USB drive can only support booting BIOS-based computers.
If you want to boot a UEFI-based computer, you need to use a USB hard disk or a Windows To Go Certified Drives to create windows to go workspace.