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download - gkarasik - 08-11-2015


I've just bought a WinToUSB professional license and received my serial number, but I can't find where to enter the key in the free version of WinToUSB or, alternatively, to download the professional version. There's no download link eitherĀ in the confirmation email or anywhere on the website that I can spot. Please can anyone point me in the correct direction?


RE: download - gkarasik - 08-11-2015

Never mind. I found where the key entry was hidden.


RE: download - admin - 08-19-2015

Thank you for buying our products.
You just need to download a free/trial edition and follow this link to activate it: http://www.easyuefi.com/wintousb/faq/en_US/How-Do-I-Register-WinToUSB.html