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wintousb pro download - gkarasik - 08-11-2015


I have the free version of WinToUSB. I've just purchased a license for the professional version and received my confirmation email w/serial key. Nowhere in the free version can I find where to enter my serial key to upgrade it to the professional version, nor can I find a link either in the confirmation email or on the website to download the professional version. Please can anyone help?


RE: wintousb pro download - gkarasik - 08-11-2015

Never mind. I found where the key entry was hidden.


RE: wintousb pro download - admin - 08-11-2015

Thank you for buying WinToUSB.
You just need to download a free/trial edition and follow this link to activate it: http://www.easyuefi.com/wintousb/faq/en_US/How-Do-I-Register-WinToUSB.html