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Can't boot on 1/3 from usb stick - gmstraighter - 07-11-2014

I'm trying to put the Windows 8.1 Enterprise evaluation version on a 128GB usb-3 stick. This boots fine on 2 of 3 computers. But the third computer just hangs without ever loading Windows - it freezes on a black screen with a cursor in the upper left. I suspect this may be because the stick isn't formatted gpt with a efi system partition (the two computers that work are bios), but if I do so before trying to install, wintousb insists I must format the stick before proceeding. It then creates an msdos partition table with just one ntfs partition.

So, how can I get wintousb to respect the partitions on the stick before install? If that's not the problem, how do I get it to load on the 3rd computer (which has no trouble in general booting from usb)?

RE: Can't boot on 1/3 from usb stick - admin - 07-13-2014

The EFI System Partition must be a FAT/FAT32 partition and FAT/FAT32 has the limitation of the maximum volume size of 32GB. Your usb flash driver is large than 32G, so WinToUSB format it as NTFS. In your case, we recommend you using a USB hard disk, you can format it as GPT.