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Another dual "Windows Boot Manager" - coyote - 10-01-2015

Use version easy UEFI 2.3. Windows 10 RTM x64
There are 2 "Windows Boot Manager" with exact same information. The only different is the GPT partition GUID
The first entry refers to Disk 0 partition 2 with a red rectangle
The second one also refers to Disk 0 partition 2 and is without the red rectangle
If I delete the second one and reboot. It will again re-created.

Why are there 2 entries ? Please advise.

RE: Another dual "Windows Boot Manager" - admin - 10-03-2015

After you delete the second option, please do the following:
1. Provide an export of your BCD file to us.
Run this command in elevated command prompt: bcdedit.exe /export c:\users\yournamehere\desktop\BCD
Put all the exported files in a zip file and post it here as an attachment.
2. Reboot the computer then enter the BIOS to see if there are two "Windows Boot Manager".

RE: Another dual "Windows Boot Manager" - coyote - 10-06-2015

Here it is.
After delete:
1 - export BCD as requested. Also ran: bcdedit /enum all ===> bcd.txt
2 - Reboot the PC. The same 2 "Windows Boot Manager" reappear again
3 - rerun bcdedit /enum all after reboot ====> bcd1.txt and they appear to be the same.

RE: Another dual "Windows Boot Manager" - admin - 10-07-2015

Please change the second option to point to the correct partition, then delete the first option. You'd better to create a bootable disk and backup the boot options before performing the operations.